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Replacement Cars After an Accident in Clayton, Melbourne

Accidental rental cars offer a practical solution for those dealing with the aftermath of a collision. It ensures your daily life remains uninterrupted after a tumultuous ordeal. That way, you can still go to work or run errands without relying on public transport.

At KHG Auto Workshops, we understand the inconvenience of being without your vehicle. Our replacement cars service ensures that while your car is under repair, you won’t be left stranded. This ensures minimal delays and a swift transition to your temporary vehicle.

Benefits of Using Our Replacement Vehicle Services

Choosing our replacement vehicle services is not just about obtaining a temporary vehicle. It is also about selecting a comprehensive solution that prioritises your convenience and peace of mind during a challenging time.

  • Diverse Fleet: Whether you require a compact car for daily commuting or a more spacious option, we have you covered. Our fleet of replacement cars is meticulously maintained so that you enjoy comfortable transportation.

  • Continued Mobility: Replacement vehicle services provide a temporary vehicle. This ensures you stay mobile while your car is being serviced or repaired.

  • Cost Savings: Opting for an accident replacement vehicle can save costs compared to traditional hire cars after an accident. Not-at-fault drivers will greatly benefit from this scheme.

  • Vehicle Tryouts: Replacement cars offer an opportunity to try out different models or newer technologies while your vehicle is unavailable.

  • No Service Interruptions: With a replacement vehicle, there’s no need to worry about repairs or maintenance. That way, you can experience continuous and hassle-free transportation.

  • Increased Safety: Regular car servicing contributes to safety by addressing crucial components like brakes, tires, and lights, ensuring optimal vehicle performance.

Our Courtesy Cars Free with Insurance Repairs

When your vehicle is undergoing service or repairs with us, you gain access to our fleet of courtesy cars. Our scheme includes a diverse range of well-maintained vehicles. The process is effortless – simply inform us of your requirements, and we’ll ensure a courtesy car is ready for you when you drop off your vehicle for service or repairs. Beyond the provision of replacement vehicles, our services encompass comprehensive support. We guide you through insurance claims and assist with necessary documentation.

  • Insurance Assessment: We will evaluate your insurance coverage to determine your eligibility for a courtesy car during the repair process.

  • Repair Consultation: Once your insurance coverage is confirmed, our team will discuss the repair requirements for your vehicle. If repairs are extensive and require an extended period, you may qualify for a courtesy car.

  • Courtesy Car Selection: You can then choose from our fleet of courtesy cars. We carry a variety of options to suit your preferences and needs.

  • Documentation Process: We will help you complete the necessary documentation for the courtesy car.

  • Receive the Courtesy Car: Once the paperwork is complete, you can now ride your replacement vehicle.

  • Repair Updates: Throughout the repair process, our team will keep you informed about the progress of the repairs and provide regular updates.

  • Return and Finalisation: When your vehicle repairs are complete, simply return the accidental rental car to our service centre. We will finalise the necessary paperwork and ensure a smooth transition back to your repaired vehicle.

Why Choose KHG Auto Workshops?

At KHG Auto Workshops, our team comprises experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the post-accident process. Whether it’s helping you choose the right replacement car after accidents or providing guidance on insurance claims, we can help. We are dedicated to bringing expertise to every aspect of our services. Additionally, our free pick-up and drop-off services for a hassle-free experience

We keep you informed at every stage, from the selection of your replacement vehicle to the progress of repairs. Clear and open communication ensures you are always in the loop. For other concerns and inquiries, contact us on 0400 755 854 or at


The replacement vehicles available to you may vary based on the availability of your insurance provider. You can generally choose from standard sedans to more specialised vehicles.

A courtesy car is provided to ensure that you have alternative transportation while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident. It helps minimise disruptions to your daily life and ensures you can continue with your activities despite the temporary loss of your own vehicle.

A free courtesy car is a vehicle provided by the service centre or insurance company at no additional cost to you. It’s meant to be a temporary replacement while your car repairs.

The cost of courtesy cars is generally covered by the at-fault party’s insurance company. If you are not at fault, the responsible party’s insurance should cover the expenses. In some cases, your own insurance policy may also include coverage for a courtesy car.

Whether you are eligible for a courtesy car is determined by the circumstances of the accident and the terms of your insurance policy. If you are deemed not at fault, the responsible party’s insurance will cover the cost of a courtesy car.

After an accident, you can arrange to tow your car to the service centre. Many insurance companies provide towing services as part of their coverage. For more details, email us at

To get a quote for repairs, you can contact our service centre on 0400 755 854. We will assess the damage and provide a cost estimate. Our team will work with your insurance company to streamline the claims process.

If you are not at fault for the accident, the cost of a replacement vehicle is covered by the at-fault party’s insurance. We recommend checking your insurance policy and clarifying coverage details to avoid any unexpected costs.

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