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A roadworthy certificate is a must-have for any vehicle owner. It certifies that a car is safe enough to be driven on the roads. Moreover, it is required when selling, re-registering or clearing defect notices. A vehicle that is not roadworthy poses several risks to the driver, passengers and other motorists.

If you wish to get a car roadworthy certificate in Clayton, Melbourne, KHG Auto Workshops is your go-to service provider. We are an authorised auto-mechanic shop that can provide roadworthy inspection services for your vehicle. It ensures that your vehicle meets the set standards. Furthermore, if your vehicle fails the test, we can also provide the necessary repair services to make it roadworthy.

Why Is a Roadworthy Check Necessary?

A roadworthy check has multiple advantages, such as:

  • Road Safety – A faulty vehicle is not only a liability for you but for the entire road. That is why the roadworthy check has been made mandatory. Every vehicle must undergo an inspection to ensure all its parts are in acceptable condition. Only then a vehicle receives a roadworthy certificate and is allowed to be driven on the road.

  • Scheduled Maintenance – The roadworthy check has also become a powerful motivation for vehicle owners to go for regular servicing. This process is recommended by experts as it ensures every small fault is taken care of.

  • Re-Registration – If you have an old vehicle and wish to drive it again, you must get a roadworthy certificate for it. During the inspection, the mechanics will check for all the faulty issues. Only after getting this certificate, will you be able to re-register and drive it on the road.

  • Transferring Ownership – You can not sell or buy a vehicle without first obtaining a roadworthy certificate. If you are selling the vehicle, you will have to transfer the registration documents in the name of the new owner. The registration office will ask for the roadworthy certificate of the vehicle without which the process does not proceed further. In case you are buying a second-hand vehicle from a third party, it is your responsibility to ask for its roadworthy certificate.

  • Moving States – Many states of Australia have made it mandatory for cars to get a roadworthy certificate if you are permanently moving to that state. Your vehicle would also require this certificate if it crosses state boundaries regularly.

Professional Roadworthy Test at KHG Auto Workshops

When you bring your car in for a roadworthy check, some standard tests will be performed by our team. Here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Engine Check – Our mechanics will inspect the entire engine and its components. They will check the engine’s overall condition and engine oil. Any minute faults in the engine or systems will be marked for repairs.

  • Wheels and Tyres – The screw fittings of the wheel and the condition of the tyre are checked. The tread depths of the tyre are also checked to ensure it meets the standards.

  • Brakes and Suspension System – The brakes and suspension are the most crucial parts of a vehicle. These systems are composed of many moving parts that undergo the most stress. All their parts require separate checks and servicing.

  • Steering Wheel and Electronics – The smoothness of the steering wheel is checked along with the other electrical systems on the dashboard. Headlights, tail lights, indicators, etc., are inspected and their working verified. checked as well.

  • Body and Chassis Check – It is also important to check the entire body of a vehicle for physical damage that may compromise structural safety. Other parts include the chassis and windows.

Why Choose Us for RWC Inspection?

Roadworthy inspections cannot be performed by all auto workshops. Only authorised centres are permitted to offer these services and provide a roadworthy certificate. KHG Auto Workshops is one of the service centres licensed to conduct roadworthy tests in Clayton. Our comprehensive roadworthy checks can be done on all types of vehicle brands and models.

We provide reliable services that are:

  • Superior Quality – With over 25 years of experience, we offer auto services that take care of all the customer’s requirements. We will conduct an extensive inspection and provide a genuine car roadworthy certificate once the vehicle has passed all checks. If not, we offer our repair and maintenance services to fix the issues as well.

  • Affordability – Getting a vehicle roadworthy inspection should not be overly expensive. We take care to charge pocket-friendly prices for our services. Furthermore, there will be no hidden charges or no unexplained costs.

  • Free Pick up and Drop off – If you cannot bring your car to our shop, there is no need to worry. We have pick-up and drop-off services to save you from the hassle of having to bring the car in yourself and drive it back once the inspection is complete.

Book Roadworthy Inspection at Clayton’s Roadworthy Inspection Specialist

KHG Auto Workshops is a Vicroads-licensed vehicle tester in Clayton, Melbourne. Our services are affordable, prompt and reliable. So if you are looking to get a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle, contact our team today. You can call us on  0400 755 854 or email us at

If your vehicle fails the roadworthy test then you will get 14 days to fix the issues according to the roadworthy certificate standards before appearing for another test.
Yes, the roadworthy certificate is a must while transferring the ownership of a vehicle to any third party.
The test usually takes around 30-45 minutes as the mechanics will have to go through every part. If the vehicle does not pass the inspection, you will be given 14 days to repair it and meet the required standards.

To pass the roadworthy test in Victoria, all the basic parts of your vehicle are checked such as:

    • Engine
    • Tyres and Wheels
    • Steering and Braking
    • Suspension
    • Chassis
    • Auto-electronics

If they are in proper condition, your vehicle passes the roadworthy test in Victoria.

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